Time for change

The reason we become directionless and lost is because we’re not on the path we actually are meant to be on—we’re following someone else’s “should." Jamie Varon

I feel like I don’t know myself. For the past thirty five years I haven’t been paying any attention to what’s been going on inside me, or what that little “inner voice” has been trying to say. If truth be told, I hadn’t ever really stopped to think, or even realise that I had an inner voice screaming out for my attention.

I’d been living my life following other people’s “shoulds”. Studying a degree in architecture, although my heart wasn’t in it. Working for ten years in marketing, when I knew deep down it wasn’t right. And buying a flat in London, because, well this this is what grown ups do right?

This realisation hit hard. I mean why had I just gone along with all these “shoulds”? Why hadn’t I chosen my own path? What was wrong with me? I gave myself a hard time initially, then decided to accept the past and realise I actually had no regrets. Afterall they’ve made me who I am today. I just wish I’d learned to listen to myself earlier.

It was time to make a change. The “shoulds” needed to go. So last year I left my marketing job, moved out of my flat, spent some time exploring Asia, found myself a great life coach and finally set up this website.