Written in the stars? A Vedic Astrology Reading

I’ve always been fascinated with star signs, especially since “luck” would have it I’m a typical Aries – fiery, adventurous, stubborn and as head strong as, well, a ram. But I’ve never had much time for horoscopes, fortune tellers, astrology readings or Mystic Meg… what could they possibly tell me about my life? Well a lot apparently.

Today I had my first Vedic astrology reading with Dr Prateek Mishrapuri in Rishikesh India. Vedic astrology is an ancient science in India dating back to 3,000 BC. It places higher importance on the moon, whereas western astrology with its tropical zodiac deals with the solar system.

Sitting in Dr Prateeks’s waiting room I was feeling slightly apprehensive, the cynic in me was convinced he’d tell me a bunch of generic truths and then I’d hand over 500 rupees and feel duped.

Well the cynic in me was wrong. In twenty minutes he’d given me a run down of my past, present and future. How did he know I’d left an office job early last year? That I was searching for something more fulfilling and hoping to work for myself? That I’d been living out of a bag for a year? That I’d been thinking about getting a tattoo on my hand?

He offered up intriguing advice about my career, my love life and told me some spicy things about my sex life… apparently I’ll be “doing it” until a ripe old age!

The session ended with me laughing in disbelief, buzzing with positive energy and wondering if our lives are actually written in the stars. I’ve been feeling lost for a while, not sure I’m on the right path, but with so many parallels between the reading and what I’ve been thinking, I wonder if I finally am.

I made a promise this year would be all about learning new skills and guess what? According to my birth chart this is the perfect time for just that. So let’s hope Dr Prateek is right and that this ram is finally gonna make some headway.